Brief Solutions Ltd

a Computational Intelligence firm

About Us

The firm specialises in finding causal relations in heterogeneous data and making verifiable predictions based on them. For us, the unique power of Machine Learning lies in that it may help us see more clearly as we take a higher perspective at larger and larger volume of data.

What is on Our Mind

How to Forecast

We consider that any two objects could boast of predictive power for each other, a pull force by "information gravity". The problem is to compute the conditional distribution of B's change in the future given A's change at present.

How to Reason (or Imagine)

How to program programming? In this realm, most problems are computationally hard. Furthermore, one may start to construct ideas that only exist in the mind, from known premises.

Highly-Vectorised Data Processing

We would generally favour a simple, transparent, and efficient hardware/software architecture for processing data.


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